STOLEN: Sport 2 155! Red and Black, White Leading/Trailing Edge

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John Christian, a Virginia hang glider pilot, had his wing stolen on Sunday 4/3.  He was flying at Woodstock, VA… and had an awesome flight, getting pretty high and doing a sweet little XC over to Mt. Jackson.  For anyone local or knowledgeable of the area, he said he landed and packed up in a field on Rt 11 @ 10033 Old Valley Pike, Mt Jackson, VA 22842.

He left the packed up glider and got a ride back to his car.  When he got back- about 2 hrs later- the glider was gone.  He checked with the landowner, but they didn’t see anyone grab it.

PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THIS RED & BLACK SPORT 2 155.  I believe this is the LZ where the glider disappeared:

He’s got a good attitude, considering the suckiness of having his glider disappear:

The serial # is 35092, but nothing really distinguishing. I’ll recognize it by the scratch mark pattern on the base bar, along with a missing plastic end cap on one of the leading edges (inside the sail)

Not that i’m giving up, but if it was her last flight, it was a worthy one (photo from yesterday)

Let’s keep an eye out, and just maybe we can help him out?  And, this is a good reminder- if you fly XC and need to leave your wing… maybe find a discrete place to stash it.  I think some people even fly with a bicycle style cable-lock and put it around the keep or something.  Not that it couldn’t be snipped easily enough, but it seems this kind of thing is often a “crime of convenience”… thief sees the glider sitting roadside, stops and grabs it quickly and his on his (or her?) way…