Ellenville Labor Day National Fly-in update :-)

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 Hello Readers!!

Everything is in place for the 2015, SNYHGPA sponsored, annual Ellenville Labor Day Fly-In, which this year is also a “National Fly-In”. We hope pilots from near & far attend!

   The tent, toilets and dumpster are all set, with food and beer available Saturday night along with music and dancing courtesy of the “Sail Cats” band!

   The dates are Friday, September 4th, through Labor Day, (Monday) September 7th. Pilots and their families are invited to camp in the LZ and Tony has graciously waived visitor flying fees, so now all we need is good weather. Pilot registration for the event is only $20 which includes the Band/beer/PARTY Saturday night.

   There will be a barbecue feast available (from Brian’s Backyard Barbecue who makes great food!!) which will be cash and carry (restaurant style) at very reasonably prices.  Ribs, barbecued chicken, pulled pork, hamburgers and hot dogs, along with sides will be available.   Single or combo plates are also options. A plate with a main dish and sides will be in the $6-$9 range …. and a larger portion combo plate slightly more. They will be cooking all day…. and start serving in the late afternoon…..depending on weather, flying, etc…

 We also have another Roger Baker world-class four color T-shirt design, on high quality “Tri-poly-blend” shirts to commemorate the event, which the club will be selling to help finance the event.

Historically, all of the Labor Day flying events have always been fantastic parties.  We hope to see you there!  Fly High!

Paul Voight

Let’s Get High Together

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Dave Hopkins says:

Today is an other great day! IF you want to break your altitude record today is the day . Thermals could have a  base at 11000 FEET !  Wind will be NNW at about 10mph all the way to 10k. It will be 34 degs up there. Not t-shirt weather.

And Ryan Voight added:

Yesterday was a great thermal day as well… very strong climbs!  My ~1 hr sample had much stronger climbs over the valley (LZ) than over the mountain.

Lift around launch was broken and scratchy… which I feel is often the case at E on “high days”… I’m sure there’s a meteorological reason for that, but I don’t know it.

Anyway- TODAY- if we can get up that first time, it should be an E-word day at Ellenville!   🙂

I’m stoked, see ya’ll up there (WAY up there hopefully!)

SNYHGPA Club Meeting & BBQ

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Desiree Voight, SNYHGPA Events and Social Coordinator sends:

Just a reminder, there is a club meeting, combined with a BBQ this Saturday, May 30th. If you could please shoot me a quick email and let me know if you’re coming, it’ll help with preparing enough food.


  •  Saturday, May 30, 2015 6:30 pm (7:00 pm if it’s flyable)
  •  Location: Ellenville Flight Park Campground (by the BBQ grill)
  •  Menu: Typical BBQ (Hotdogs, Hamburgers, chips, salad, etc)
  •  Please bring: Camp chairs | Picnic blankets
  •  Cost: $5 per person

See you there!

Ryan Voight, SNYHGPA President sends:

I’m assembling the agenda for the SNYHGPA club meeting Saturday.  We did push the last two meetings, which leaves us with a longer agenda than usual.  I’m planning to run a tight and organized meeting so we can get through it quick and enjoy the BBQ.

So far, items on the agenda are (in no particular order):

  • National Fly-In Prep, including shirts, dumpster, toilets, what fee should we charge, etc
  • Scott Trueblood accident investigation report (by Paul Voight)
  • Possible OTHER lessons learned, additional risk scratching near rock face?  Review/revise 911 and accident protocols?

If anyone has anything else they’d like put on the agenda, please contact me at airthug84@gmail.com.  Like I said I’ll do my best to run a tight meeting off the pre-assembled agenda, so if there’s anything you’d like to bring up please make sure it gets on the agenda NOW 🙂

Really looking forward to seeing everyone!

First Flight of 2015

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Ryan Voight scored a glorious 5 minutes of airtime. He was last seen looking like an odd cross between a stuffed sausage and a frozen meat-popsicle…



New Policy: Free New Pilot Memberships!

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An exciting new SNYHGPA policy for 2015… All new pilots (H1 or H2 rated) get one year of FREE membership to the club!  We want all new pilots to feel welcome into our community, and not be shy about attending club meetings and the other social activities we organize.  Enthusiasm is contagious, and there’s nothing like seeing free flight through the eyes of a new pilot!

While membership will be free for the first year, all new pilots must still complete the SNYHGPA club membership application, which can be found HERE.

Happy new year to all!

Ryan Voight
SNYGHPA President

The Ramp 2.0

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The new and improved Rt 52 ramp project is complete, thank you New York State!  And major thanks to Greg Black, Wayne Neckles, and all that were involved in the making this come to be (and staying on it through completion)!

10857974_803426896363431_6972888766241799517_n 10857874_803426909696763_6429578472456211832_n 10849990_803426969696757_9039292841204671663_n 10247373_803426949696759_935659054330915150_n 1377353_803426923030095_6857481825677053358_n 553277_803427006363420_8144182465997053864_n

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