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The Southern New York Hang Glider and Paraglider Pilots Association is a community committed to the enjoyment of free flight in Ellenville, NY.  While SNYHGPA club membership is not required to fly at Ellenville Flight Park, every pilot that flies the site enjoys the fruits of the club’s contributions, which includes:

  • Solar-powered “Wind Talker” automated wind reporting system (845-978-4589)
  • Regular maintenance of the road to launch and parking area
  • Grooming and maintaining the three launches
  • Mowing the landing zone and manicuring the campground
  • Campground community grill
  • Wind socks and an abundance of streamers (and other wind indicators)
  • Organized work parties and improvement projects
  • Fly-ins and “Fun-Meet” educational competitions and events
  • Social and holiday gatherings
  • and more!

By far the easiest way to support, promote, and improve the hang gliding and paragliding community at Ellenville is by joining the club!  It’s the best $25 you’ll spend this flying season…