Air & Eggs UPDATE

Morning Gang!

We’ve been holding out making a call for tomorrow’s Air and Eggs event because the weather forecast has been all over the place.

As of this morning, the 8am-11am window doesn’t actually look TOO bad, but, we don’t love the rate at which the wind increases, and the Hazardous Weather Warning issued for the area through Sunday leaves us to believe there could still be some changes with all the instability. It’s also probably safe to say, that given that the weather after 11am tomorrow looks TERRIBLE, most of you that RSVP’d with the contingency that you were only coming to the clinic if flights were likely in the afternoon as well, would bail, and that would leave us with like 5 people, including the two instructors and the two organizing 🙂

SO, with that in mind, we are going to CANCEL the event for tomorrow.

We’ll see if there is another date that works for the group and make another announcement in the future if we can regroup.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Desiree Voight
SNYHGPA Activities Coordinator