2016 SNYHGPA Holiday Party

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Saturday, December 17th, 6:00 PM – ?? PM

“The White Wolf Restaurant”
7400 Route 209 Napanoch, NY 12458

6 PM doors open- cocktail hour w/ hors douvre’s (cash bar)
Dinner whenever…. and party till ??

Buffet style dinner… to include Beef, Chicken, Fish, Pasta & Vegetarian selections.
Bread, Salad, Dessert, beverages & coffee as well.

Beverages: Juice, soda, coffee and tea. Cash bar for alcoholic drinks.

*RSVP REQUIRED – Before December 10th*
$38 per adult
$12.00 per child 7-14 years old
Kids under 7 free

Email RSVP to Paul Voight: FlyHighPaul@gmail.comPlease remember to include your full name, contact info, and how many will be attending.

Payment should be made at the time of RSVP, and can be submitted by PayPal to Paul Voight, SNYHGPA Treasurer, using his email above.
Payment by check also acceptable- make payable to SNYHGPA and mail to:

Paul Voight
5163 Searsville Road
Pine Bush, NY 12566-6423

Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions so we can make arrangements to accommodate you.

Air & Eggs UPDATE

Morning Gang!

We’ve been holding out making a call for tomorrow’s Air and Eggs event because the weather forecast has been all over the place.

As of this morning, the 8am-11am window doesn’t actually look TOO bad, but, we don’t love the rate at which the wind increases, and the Hazardous Weather Warning issued for the area through Sunday leaves us to believe there could still be some changes with all the instability. It’s also probably safe to say, that given that the weather after 11am tomorrow looks TERRIBLE, most of you that RSVP’d with the contingency that you were only coming to the clinic if flights were likely in the afternoon as well, would bail, and that would leave us with like 5 people, including the two instructors and the two organizing 🙂

SO, with that in mind, we are going to CANCEL the event for tomorrow.

We’ll see if there is another date that works for the group and make another announcement in the future if we can regroup.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Desiree Voight
SNYHGPA Activities Coordinator

SNYHGPA Air & Eggs Event

Air and Eggs Event

A morning flight, breakfast, and a launching clinic with video analysis of the morning’s launches!

Scheduled: May 14, 2016, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Location: Ellenville Flight Park
– Suggested launch arrival time 8:00 am
– Glider set up on launch from 8:00 am – 8:45 am
– Pilots meeting on launch at 8:45 am SHARP
– Launch window opens at 9:00 am and remains open till all pilots have launched
– Campfire Breakfast in the LZ at 10:15 am
– Instruction, video analysis and discussion in the LZ begins at 10:30 am
– Instruction and clinic to wrap around 12:30 pm
$20 for SNYHGPA Club Members
$30 for non-SNYHGPA Club Members

A few things to note:
– All attendees need to be a member of USHPA and current with Ellenville
Flight Park (day, week, or yearly membership).
– There will be multiple instructors and observers present, so as long as
an H2/P2’s current instructor permits, they are also welcome and
even encouraged to attend!
– All attendees will need to make their own evaluation of the conditions
and if they are comfortable launching/flying on the day of the event. If a
pilot does not fly, they are encouraged to still attend the instruction,
just will not have video of their personal launch that day.

PLEASE, IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING, RSVP by Thursday, May 12th to Desiree Voight

Finally Some Flying?!

After what feels like MONTHS of rain and Southerlies… Dave Hopkins writes:

late afternoon today,mon should be doable ,but still a bit strong.  strong Glassoff.
Tue is looking good for the mtn. WNW 10 ish. looks like a blue day but thermal tops should be 7k.
Wed looks like a L and V day with good thermals.
Great dew point spread everyday, close to 40 degs. with lift
going to 7k by late in day.

Hopefully he’s right (he usually is when it comes to weather!!!)  If you’re a “real job” worker bee, Tuesday looks like the most viable sky-flu day 😉

Ellenville TFR is still in effect

Following the previous post- the Temporary Flight Restriction encompassing the Ellenville airspace is still in effect.

The TFR details are available here: http://tfr.faa.gov/save_pages/detail_6_4734.html

The link in the previous post is no longer active.  There was actually a TFR issued for Sunday only, a new one issued for Monday only, and now this one linked to above.



The size and center has not changed from the previous TFRs issued, so other than the date/time info, the Google Earth cylinder posted previously can still be used to visualize what area is closed to aviation.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, would be a decent forecast for hang gliding and paragliding at Ellenville… so let’s hope it keeps raining today, the fire goes out completely, and they cancel this TFR early…




Details on the TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) are available here: <link expired>

In case there is any doubt, here is a visualization of Ellenville Flight Park launch AND landing area both within the TFR area


Or you can explore it yourself by downloading this Google Earth .kmz file Ellenville TFR 4/24/16

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

April Club Meeting – SAT 4/23

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Jimmy D writes:

Don’t miss this one!

  • special guests
  • updates
  • the future of flying at Ellenville
  • projects
  • trips
  • hang gliding movies after the meeting, including special private viewing of Ryan’s new movie that’s been over a year in the making.

And great food in our own space – the back room at  Cattleman’s Grill in Ellenville.  I’m expecting close to 30 people. Be one of them!  Let me know if you’re coming please.

6pm if it’s not flyable, 7pm if it is.

STOLEN: Sport 2 155! Red and Black, White Leading/Trailing Edge

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John Christian, a Virginia hang glider pilot, had his wing stolen on Sunday 4/3.  He was flying at Woodstock, VA… and had an awesome flight, getting pretty high and doing a sweet little XC over to Mt. Jackson.  For anyone local or knowledgeable of the area, he said he landed and packed up in a field on Rt 11 @ 10033 Old Valley Pike, Mt Jackson, VA 22842.

He left the packed up glider and got a ride back to his car.  When he got back- about 2 hrs later- the glider was gone.  He checked with the landowner, but they didn’t see anyone grab it.

PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THIS RED & BLACK SPORT 2 155.  I believe this is the LZ where the glider disappeared:

He’s got a good attitude, considering the suckiness of having his glider disappear:

The serial # is 35092, but nothing really distinguishing. I’ll recognize it by the scratch mark pattern on the base bar, along with a missing plastic end cap on one of the leading edges (inside the sail)

Not that i’m giving up, but if it was her last flight, it was a worthy one (photo from yesterday)

Let’s keep an eye out, and just maybe we can help him out?  And, this is a good reminder- if you fly XC and need to leave your wing… maybe find a discrete place to stash it.  I think some people even fly with a bicycle style cable-lock and put it around the keep or something.  Not that it couldn’t be snipped easily enough, but it seems this kind of thing is often a “crime of convenience”… thief sees the glider sitting roadside, stops and grabs it quickly and his on his (or her?) way…

Windtalker is ONLINE and accurate

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Ryan Voight sends:
Good news!  The windtalker is back online and fully functioning.  Anemometer spins REAL easy now, so it should be reliable even on light days.  In whatever unknown incident that broke the anemometer, the direction sensor also got tweaked.  I re aligned it, so direction should be really reliable too 🙂

THE BAD NEWS: Today is wayyyy BTFO.  No need to call or use Debbie.  I almost got some airtime, AND some cross country, when the ladder almost blew away with me on it!!!  Seriously.  Flying  might be dangerous, but ladders are SO much worse.


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